How to Write a Business Plan for Your Organization

Planning is one of the fundamental necessities of human endeavour, especially in the business world. To make your organization successful, you must have clear ideas concerning its overall purpose and capacities, the business environment, including the market, and the goals you wish to achieve. Without a clear written statement outlining concrete goals, the company’s direction and purpose remain unclear, so how can your degree of success be measured and evaluated?

Your business plan should state the organizational-legal structure, describe the target market, offer a description of the products offered, and summarize the market strategy the business entity will undertake.

Organizational goals should be clear and specific. Many organizations outline a mission statement which specifies the company structure, values, and goals. This kind of clear outline gives the interested investor or reader a fundamental understanding of the organization. Some examples of relevant templates may be seen here.

A business plan is especially important during periods of change such as that faced by business entities today in the UAE. Shifts in the marketplace and business environment call for reevaluating methods, markets, and goals. The formal setting down in writing of the organizational goals allows all participants to understand the direction in which the company is moving, and what their part in that process will be.


The keystones of any organizational plan are its financial and accounting resources. These statements and projections are key to sales, purchasing, payroll, manufacturing, human resources, and every other department in the organization. Many times, it makes sense and is more efficient to outsource some or all of these functions to specialists with professional knowledge and expertise, such as those at Legends Accounting. Contact Legends Accounting today to get the most accurate information concerning the financial and accounting needs of your organization.