Zoho Accounting

Leverage the Potential of Zoho Accounting with Legends Accounting – Built for Small Business

Legends Accounting is one of the leading accounting firms in Dubai UAE, offering professional accounting services to help businesses harness the potential of ZOHO accounting. We provide expert consultation on how to use the cloud-based accounting software at its best to streamline your processes, enhance productivity and eliminate bottlenecks. We also offer all inclusive accounting using Zoho – an online accounting software for small businesses.

What is Zoho?

Zoho is a cloud-based accounting software that offers bank reconciliation, automated workflows, expense tracking, recurring transactions and custom VAT-compliant invoices. Its flexibility and usability in bookkeeping, advanced mobile version and support functions make it the right end-to-end accounting solution for small businesses in the UAE. Zoho accounting holds a major share of the financial tools required by enterprises, particularly after the introduction of VAT.

Stay VAT-Compliant...Always

As the top certified ZOHO accountants in Dubai, we rely upon Zoho to empower businesses to stay VAT compliant, always. This lets businesses understand and scale up for VAT – the ins and outs of VAT for businesses in Dubai.

Zoho comprises unique features and functionalities to create VAT invoices, pay your taxes, file your tax returns directly, and much more. The cloud-based solution helps you access your data and manage business remotely from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Zoho Accounting Solutions

Here is a quick glimpse of what you can expect when using ZOHO accounting software.

  • Zoho One: Zoho One, the all-in-one suite was launched earlier in 2018. It is customized to cater to the diverse needs of businesses operating in Dubai. It comprises of Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator – business process automation software, Zoho Books – accounting application that helps companies file VAT, and Zoho People – human resource management software.

  • Automate Processes: Zoho Account eliminates cumbersome data entry in accounting with automated bank feeds that include up-to-date bank transactions such as descriptions, amounts and names of the payees and payers. Zoho Books lets you avoid the tedious task of updating and uploading all transactions manually.

  • Easy to Categorise: Zoho helps categorise your transactions in an easy manner.

  • Simplified Reconciliation: It lets you avoid balance sheet mismatches and errors that can cause major trouble to your business with the tax authorities. Zoho Books help make account reconciliation in just a few clicks and prepare you for VAT filing.

  • Better Collaboration: With ZOHO accounting, you can have all your contacts in one place. This helps in streamlining your communications

  • Banking Dashboard: Zoho also offers you a bird’s eye view of all your banking activities within the software. Keep a track of your balance mismatches, expected recurring payments, past reconciliations, past transactions, etc. right in one place.

  • Keep your Business VAT Compliant – Auto-scan receipts and bills, upload on Zoho Books directly and convert them to VAT-compliant transactions. Create VAT invoices in a fraction of seconds and chase your payments with automated payment reminders. Match the uploaded documents with the existing transactions. Create VAT transactions right from your mailbox. Collaborate better and maintain all your VAT-friendly financial records for easy and quick filing.

Managing your finances has never been so simple and hassle-free before! Our experienced ZOHO accountants in Dubai can provide professional advice on using the cutting-edge online accounting software, helping you automate business processes and streamline your finances. Get in touch with us today for free Zoho consultation.